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About Us

People’s lives are indelibly shaped by architecture

Creating structures that inspire and serve

Haugen Constructions is a private architectural firm, focusing on a cross-disciplinary collaboration between architectural design, engineering and construction, committed to excellence in custom designs for residential, commercial, and corporate buildings. A rare combination that leads to a distinctive design process and end products that are aesthetically and intellectually rigorous as well as financially feasible.

A private firm, with a mission which is simple: develop interior and exterior design experiences that are distinctive, compelling and of superb quality and individuality. At Haugen Constructions, we are committed to achieving the highest level of design which is a “turn-key” approach through our services offered. The result is an architecture that is current but timeless, serene yet warm, while also being uniquely reflective of the values and character of our clients.

Whether reimagining an existing structure or crafting a new one, our approach realizes a building’s highest value. In the end, each client’s solution is unique to them and responsive to context, program and people.

About James Haugen

James G. Haugen is the CEO of Haugen Constructions and has been in the construction and interior design business for over 10 years. Born in 1958, he has been an exceptional manager of talents and resources. James attended the University of Melbourne for his M.A in Architecture and boasts of numerous certifications and professional degrees that sets him apart from others in similar field

Phone: +1 (415) 610-5719
Email: ceo@haugencorp.com || james.haugen@haugencorp.com

Our Mission

We commit to inspiring our people to be the best they can be, empowering them to design a world that prioritizes the human experience.

Our Vision

We confidently accept our role as trusted expert partner to our clients, guiding them to business success, and delivering better ROI's.

Our Strategies

We challenge ourselves to continue to earn our position as industry leaders in hospitality, multi-family residential, and affordable housing design.

Our work is defined by so much more than just recognition

Let’s help your business by unleashing the power of structural design

We’re architects, planners, engineers, strategists and industry specialists spanning hundreds of disciplines.